A silent majority

Less than five months away from national elections in the US, the north American country is headed towards uncharted territory; concepts of “Law and Order” are being placed under the spot light.

The crisis brought in by the covid-19 plandemic concerning health and the economy, turns out to be the worst possible scenario in which to be running a presidential campaign. Traditional models work in ordinary times but it is crystal clear the whole planet changed completely in a matter of weeks.

Social uprising and riots in different states after George Floyd’s death in the hands of a Minneapolis Police Officer has exposed easy-to-re-open scars on top of a vandalism and hate enticing vengeful narrative. Targeting even their own “color-brothers”.

Capability of altering the results is an ongoing subject. The downfall and clatter in places like Seattle, New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis amongst many others where collective madness ended up dragging down images and statues from the forefathers of universal history like Hans Christian Heg, -an abolitionist who fought against slavery and perished fighting on behalf of the Union-, George Washington, Winston Churchill and even Junípero Serra a Franciscan friar, could lead to Trump’s discredit and decline, or his ascent; having taken place in cities ran by democrat rulers who have excused the atrocities of a violent horde leaving the people at the mercy of the mob.

Recent polls are starting to contradict themselves: CNN is showing a 14 point advantage in favor of democrat candidate Joe Biden over republican president Trump whereas FOX reveals a sizable gap in Florida, Georgia, Texas and North Carolina, [of paramount importance within the electoral college], favoring Trump.

Some believe the Marxist-left and its “collective dis-ease” global-agenda is taking over the model that made, once again, America great.

One could say that up until late 2019 everything was going well for Donald Trump since before the coronavirus outbreak US economy seemed robust and the 2020 forecast was looking very positive.

Indeed, by September last year the US Department of Labor exhibited the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years dropping to 3.5%. Something not seen since December 1969.

Statistics were also showing how tax-cuts and an increasing business confidence managed to pump average hour-wage by 3% for the first time in over a decade.

Early this year, according to the Economic World Forum the US took second place in the Competitiveness Index in 2019, amongst other positive figures.

Quite a paradox is the fact that a virus hatched in a communist country is the one thing threatening the region’s most powerful economy and outlining its political future.

Though forecasts are not all that clear, sitting currently in the White House could play as an advantage for Trump given the country’s proclivity to reelect its leaders. Since 1933, only 3 presidents in the United States have lost national elections: Gerald Ford 1976, Jimmy Carter 1980 and George Bush senior in 1992.

Moreover, the fact that polls showed a leading democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago in the 2016 elections can’t be forgotten. She was runner up in the end. On top of that, this is the first time trying to predict an electoral result in the midst of a world pandemic where fear plays a decisive role.

Polls have become propaganda tools aimed at demoralizing the pro-Trump electorate, foster an aggression narrative and spread an image of ineptitude and inefficacy by the President when making a decision on behalf of the nation.

Physical aggressions and slandering of his followers has made many people decide to make their support invisible so his votes will remain hidden until election day. Trump’s electoral base think they have complied with their campaign promises, is confident they will rise to the occasion and will be able to carry on.

Let’s hope this “silent majority” will be enough and that it makes a welcome appearance for a second time, defeating its adversaries. May the ship “stir to the right” once again.