Antifa Extreme Juvenile Violence

Protesting on the streets while using extreme violence, destroying private property and physically assaulting antagonists or anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, are the behavioral features of a self-proclaimed “antifascist” movement born in 1923 Germany as a paramilitary branch of the Communist Party. Though almost extinct, it reemerged in the 80’s extending over to Sweden, Denmark and Syria.

The perfect adjective [antifascist] within the inversion of reality: it is they themselves who are in fact fascists, terrorists and urban assassins spread over multiple countries. Their network has even reached South America.

George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, EEUU, last may 25th was the triggering excuse they utilized to replicate such vandalism in Chile and Colombia.

Their underlying intention is to generate an overall feeling of unease disguised as a “fight of the people” for a just cause, emotionally manipulating youths in order to legitimize perquisites as diverse, as impossible to meet.

Undoubtedly, Antifa needs at all cost to keep Donald Trump from being re-elected as the US President. UN/WHO’s globalist agenda in addition to human rights’, environmental, feminist and pro-abortion NGOs’ finances have undergone ample setbacks and controlling western liberal democracies has been hindered.

After Floyd’s video went on twitter Antifa’s cells mobilized to Minnesota to “aid” BLM – Black Lives Matter – protesters. A week later nearly 70 cities are still suffering anarchist violence where aggressions towards the public prevail and policemen are being shot at or runover by ghost-cars.

Correspondingly, big names like Apple, Amazon, Target and Wallmart have been looted as well as small businesses owned even by black families. The aim is to end capitalism so on top of covid-19’s crisis, these marches-made riots favor the destruction of the economy, impeding its recovery while postponing re-opening states like New York where a curfew had to be declared in order to take back control.

This anarchist movement’s instrumental plan has become an artform that stems from somehow generating a sort of collective displeasure, irritation if you will, then fill that with the hate narrative with the finishing touch, fear psychology. Its primary weapon lays in the digital world from where they disperse a crafted narrative aimed at those easy-to-manipulate credulous ones, exacerbating an inoculated feeling of resentment mostly grounded on imaginaries.

In late 2019 Colombia and Chile experienced the clearest examples when Antifa-identified flags and symbols made presence during the marches that claimed several human lives, left thousands wounded and millions in economic loss.

Stoically withstood by both countries were the opening thumps of a revolutionary strategy that targets the rule of law, restricts freedoms and reverses the roles of society, making members of the police force -sworn to serve and protect the people- become offenders and the delinquent-wrongdoers, willing to hurt anyone, become their “innocent victims”.

It is important to note that in both cases the starting point is the well-known “dissipated molecular revolution” whose main outlet is social media and purposefully disrupts the daily routine we are all familiar with, encouraging a permanent crisis state.

For it, masked agitators vandalize essential assets for the regular functioning of cities, such as businesses [big and small], thus upsetting the population, generating despair and a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability amongst the people in the face of vandalism acts that seem “spontaneous”.

The small groups –or molecules– attack anything that represents State while demanding the resignation of their Country’s president for not bringing “immediate solutions” to problems that, in most cases are, linked to population groups considered as “historically excluded”.

What we have seen in all three countries -Chile, Colombia and Unites States- goes to show how succumbing to what they call “the voice of the people” leads only to a deep institutional crisis and an extreme escalation of violence, as a leverage mechanism to validate the message that the current system does not work and that it is incapable of protecting the population.

Footage from the recent protests clearly shows the scale of the crowd with youngsters wearing black-clad, carrying guns, hammers, bricks and sticks to obliterate anything at their path.

Graffiti on destroyed buildings trademarked with acronyms: FTP -Fuck the Police-; ACAB -All cops are bastards- can be seen in the aftermath.

The “full map” of this movement’s criminal operation calls for immediate measures needing to be taken. Trump has set a precedent by opening the possibility to include the Antifa as a “terrorist organization”; thousands of people have sent a signed petition to the President.

However, the most important step will be NOT to underestimate the scope of XXI century socialism which has bit by bit gained significant ground, putting the destiny of free societies in serious jeopardy.